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Skyline Online School (Parent Guide)

We are implementing well structured online lessons for primary school aged learners. This is to ensure that School Children all across Africa are up to speed and don’t play away all their academic gains in this temporary season of partial to full lockdowns.

Subjects: Mathematics | English/Grammar | Basic Science | Scrabble | Chess | Storytime

Skyline Online Class Timetable
  • Parents will be required to provide Internet capable devices (Laptop, tablet etc) and Internet access (modems, MIFI, router, hotspot sharing etc) to facilitate the learning process. Pupils of Skyline Academy can use their already assigned Edutech tablets to this end.
  • A weekly timetable that details daily activities can be found here: CLICK HERE
  • For online learning to be effective for elementary school aged kids, you will need to assign a Home Mentor that will encourage and monitor the adherence of your Children to our timetables. This can be a Parent, adult, young adult or even elder sibling within your home.
  • Your Child may occasionally be required to have a video or audio live online call with one of our instructors to address any specific challenges your Child may encounter in the process of the online class (Note that an adult in your home or Home Mentor, should be available during the video/audio chat session.
  • Login details to the online classes and setup instructions for your Child(ren) will be forwarded to Parents/Guardians after signup is confirmed.
  • If you would like to register your Child; click here to fill the sign-up form. Form can also be found below.

Skyline Online Learning Team

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