Our Services

Robotics | Machine Learning

We offer basic to advanced robotics training integrated with relevant concepts of machine learning.

Coding | A.I. | App Development

Coding, Artificial intelligence, app development, augmented reality (A.R), web development are some of the STEM disciplines we cover under this category

Let’s just say that the chances of your house being printed within 24hrs using 3D and laser modelling technology in the near future is really high. Click the icon to the left to learn more about our 3D printing offerings with our partners.

Effective Use of: Education Technology Tablets, digital Child management and feedback system, and making your examinations and assessment tests online based are some of the services we offer under our consultancy services.

Join us every Saturday for the coding class where we teach kids how to make their own games, cartoons and so much more.

M. E. E.

Our research team is currently developing a new Teaching and learning pedagogy code named M.E.E. A learning methodology that is in harmony with both the present and future.