Research ( Project M.E.E )

Our Research is centered around developing high quality and cost effective algorithms for implementation of digital literacy in an academic system.

This includes: Synchronization of science topics with coding, robotics, VR, AR, etc (STEM) projects.

Implementation of VR/AR processes to work in tandem or serve as replacement instructional material for select academic topics.

Developing high quality; open source and accessible “Hybrid E-Books” that harmonizes robotics, VR, AR, YouTube and other high quality digital content repositories to aid and deepen understanding and increase Student engagement (E-Books on the frontline; Basic Science, English/Language Arts, Mathematics, creative arts and history)

Example 1: A mathematics topic on variables can be synchronized with a scratch coding project that uses variables.

Example 2: A topic on marine life will link to a YouTube video of the same topic, a Virtual Reality expedition of marine life and a robotics project that features marine life.

We call this a 3D learning experience or simply MEE as it is designed to engage the MIND, EYES and EMOTIONS of the learner.

M-ind | E-yes | E-motions = MEE

MEE is novel learning pedagogy we are developing that engages the;

M  –  ind – via discussions, coding or robotics projects.
E  –  yes – via visual content.
E  – motions – via an immersive VR or AR experience (Other mediums 

Note: Research on MEE is still in its early stages and we are open to partnerships and funding on this project.

M.E.E. is a copyright of SIRC and Skyline Futuristic Eco West African Academy. All rights reserved.

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