Education Technology Implementation

Equipping your Students/Staff/audience/etc with digital skills that will enable them remain relevant in the job/career marketplace of the future is a project that should not be taken lightly. The 4th Industrial revolution is on the horizon. If you’re interested in digitizing your academic institution below are some of the services we offer: Use of tablet PC’s : Adopting the use of Tablets your students will have access to E-Libraries, Ebooks, research and productivity tools that will give a more realistic representation of the skills they will need in the workplace of the near future. Child management and feedback system: This is a service that uses digital applications to give Parents daily or weekly feedback on their Child’s progress. Whether you run a daycare, elementary or junior secondary  school, you will agree that nothing increases  Student, Parent and Teacher engagement like a very effective feedback mechanism. Online Examination Setup: With this service, your Students/Pupils get to write their exams online and this has so many futuristic benefits which include; (1). Teachers no longer have  to spend time marking exam scripts as the online examination (Objective), can be made to auto Grade. (2). Students can see their scores immediately after an exam and see what they did wrong. Teachers can provide feedback on each question a Child fails explaining the correct answer using automation.  (3). It’s eco friendly as you save on papers and no longer need to print out exam scripts; also, Parents can receive their Child’s results/Script via email at the end of each exam day. (4). Questions can be shuffled for each student so risk of malpractice on a quiz is greatly minimized – which in turn gives you a pragmatic feedback on your Students Academic proficiency. These are a few of the benefits of moving your Examinations and quizzes to the cloud.

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