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SIRC Coding

Google CS First (Internet connectivity required) provides an online, easy-to-use computer science enrichment curriculum and learning materials that engage a diverse age range of of young learners from upper elementary upwards. Tutors or facilitators use visual content provided by Google to teach kids coding basics with “SCRATCH”online editor. Google CS First uses Scratch, a block-based coding program which allow kids to create things like games, cartoons, animations, musical instruments, applications and lots more.

Scratch Desktop: This is the Scratch offline curriculum is an excellent offline (No Internet Connectivity required) Coding Program that equips kids with 21st Century coding proficiency.

HTML | CSS | JAVASCRIPT: These are the three basic building blocks of web development and building websites in general. HTML centers on the basic structure, CSS adds elegance and visual appeal – while JAVASCRIPT deals with the overal behaviour of the webpage. provides one of the largest and most effective and diverse online coding curriculum that carters to a very wide age range of learners from elementary all the way through high school.

App Development: In this program, the students will learn how to build an app and publish it on Googles Play Store (Android).

Artificial Intelligence (AI.) is  all about creating a “virtual” assistant that can understand voice, motion, text or sound based inputs and give automated responses. Basic elements of AI is covered in Scratch coding offering.

Augmented Reality (AR.) enables you create a program that allows you meld a physical and virtual space and interact with both worlds simultaneously. Basic elements of AR is included in our Scratch coding offering.

We a weekly code club that takes place every Saturday. Videos of some of our coding activities can be found below.

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